D&AD Asia-Pacific Representation

D&AD Asia-Pacific Representation

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Partner/Client: D&AD

Our challenge
To increase the presence of D&AD, the foremost creative award for design and advertising, in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. For years we have been fans of the exacting standards of D&AD’s juries and the stellar education work that the charity does. In fact, while working in London,  32 Degrees South founder Paula Taylor was Awards Director at the organisation for three and a half years. Which made it a natural step for her to take on the promotion of D&AD Asia-Pacific.

What we created
Since 2013 Paula has grown and matured a network of customers and members though a combination of face-to-face meetings, events and advocacy all over the region. Our unrivalled creative black book gives us access to top creative professionals and we have boosted the numbers of high-profile judges from Asia-Pacific. In addition we have run education events, developed partnerships with higher education providers and sourced sponsorship. One measure of our success that we are particularly proud of is the increase in winning entries from the region as D&AD becomes the must have award for top practitioners.

D&AD Brief to Broadcast event in Sydney

“The diversity of creative work being scrutinised and judged at award shows around the world is growing and becoming ever more complex. At some events, every category has a winner. But D&AD sets a universal standard and seeks out the stuff that is original, contemporary, relevant, valuable and brilliantly crafted. So a win here is really worth celebrating and recognising.”
Jonathan Kneebone, co-founder, The Glue Society

Results and facts

  • Built a strong community throughout Asia-Pacific that allowed us to:
    • Double the number of professional awards judges sourced from the region
    • Run education events such as ‘Brief to Broadcast’ which is now two years old
    • Screen the D&AD Awards ceremony in Australia
    • Increase the number of winners in the region

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